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The Well of Shades (Bridei Trilogy)

The Well of Shades - Juliet Marillier This is the ninth book by Juliet Marillier and, with the exception of the Sevenwaters Trilogy, it is my favorite. I did not care as much for the first two books of the Bridei Chronicles. They were beautiful to read, as all of Marillier's novels are, and the history on which they are based is very interesting (and the reason I kept reading them), but I didn't find myself falling in love with the characters as I had in the Sevenwaters Trilogy. That is, until Faolan was developed more in Book #2. The book ultimately disappointed me because (SPOILER) it ended with Faolan getting his heart broken. (END SPOILER) However, that I am no able to forgive that ending simpley because without it, this story would not exist, and neither would my second and third favorites Marillier's characters, Eile and Saraid. This was truly and enjoyable and compelling read and it had be up until six in the morning three nights in a row.I also review books on my blog: http://irissel.blogspot.com/