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Quick Review: Reached by Ally Condie

Reached - Ally Condie

I really wanted to like this book, but I just... didn't. A lot of the praise I hear for REACHED talks about how lovely the prose is, and that's definitely true. But lovely prose does not a good book make. The plot of this book just seemed to meander along with no real direction. I remember liking Matched, the first book in this series, quite a lot and then felt like Crossed suffered from second-book-slump. I was hoping Reached would be a great finale, but I never really got into it or felt emotionally invested in any of the three first person POV characters. That's right. There are three. The first book had one. The second had two. And now this one has three. I think the whole series would have benefitted from keeping Cassia as the only POV character. All three of the POVs sounded the same to me even though they were all doing very different things for most of the book. It kept the characters from feeling like individuals, which led to me only really being able to connect to the non-POV characters.